Brass Molding Inserts BMI-13

Brass Molding Inserts BMI-13

Threaded inserts (available in brass, stainless steel and low carbon steel) are ideal for plastics, alloys and composite

materials. These inserts are designed to provide strong metal threads for machine screws.

These are available in various knurled and undercut patterns to suit almost any assembly application. They are

designed to provide the high performance strength values of molded-in inserts whilst still retaining all of the

economic advantages of insert installation after molding.

Inserts can be installed in a variety of ways. These include ultrasonic welding, hot or cold press-in, mold-in and self


Applications include mobile handset, tablet, notebook, consumer electronics and medical / health applications and

many other custom and tailor made applications.



  • Tapered Hole (8 degrees)
  • With ribs lead in hole Straight Hole
  • With a Flat head lead in hole Knurls provide the performance function(torque,tensile)
  • Diamond Knurl (Raised/ Inverted)
  • Diagonal Knurl (Single knurl/ Opposing knurl)
  • Straight Knurl (Increases Torque Performance)
  • Undercut: allows plastic to flow into grooves for higher pull out resistance
  • Flange: To eliminate direct contact of plastic with mating parts Increases push in performance



  • Outside Diameter (Body) Fit into the hole
  • Length (Body) Fit into the hole depth
  • Knurling length (Performance Consideration)
  • Knurl Pitch (Number of knurl division Thread standard Chips)


The brass threads of inserts have a much higher strength when compared to a bare plastic tapped thread. The

inserts make a great bond with plastics when heat is applied, so you won’t to worry about motor misalignment

if you are securing it to a 3D printed part or a belt tensioner wearing down.

Strength aside, the inserts will last longer for any assembly where bolts and screws need to be cycled more than

once. tapped bare plastic can wear and become cross threaded easily, whereas brass inserts can handle consistent

cycling much better.

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